Our Rates

Our hourly rate starts at $37.50 per hour of our time

Why don't we provide a rate per minute of recording?

Although there are cheaper services available, you often get what you pay for. Transcription companies coming in with "low, low prices" or per-minute-of-recording rates are motivated to get the work done with the least possible amount of time and effort on their part. In order to maximize their profits, work is often outsourced to offshore companies or under-qualified individuals thus producing an inferior product. At San Diego Transcription, all projects are handled by our team of highly experienced individuals and kept strictly confidential.

Typically a one hour recording for general transcription will take between three and five hours to transcribe and proof, depending upon the number of speakers and sound quality of the recording.  Certain factors such as background noise, strong accents or less than optimal positioning of the recording device can contribute to poor sound quality, thus requiring additional time to transcribe. 

Certified and verbatim recordings generally take between six and ten hours of our time per hour of recording. 

Please contact us about your particular project for a more precise estimate. 

At San Diego Transcription, our motivation is to produce documents that you will be proud to have bear your company's name and reputation. Therefore, you are charged for the actual time necessary to complete your project in a timely, accurate and professional manner. We strive to provide you with the highest quality work product at a competitive rate.